Distance Selling Agreement

1.1. BUYER Personal information provided during the purchase order is considered as BUYER information.
1.2. SELLER Title: Moz Antique Bazaar LLC. – owner of the sales site “https://1001trade.com “
Address: 1309 Coffeen Avenue STE 1200 Sheridan, Wyoming 82801
Telephone: +1 3213814178
Email: info@1001trade.com
The subject of this Agreement is the determination of the mutual rights and obligations of the Parties in
accordance with the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection and the Regulation on Distance
Contracts and all applicable legislation and practices regarding sales. Purchasing and delivering the
product(s) whose features and sales price are specified below, which the BUYER ordered electronically
via the SELLER’s website https://1001trade.com.
Products: The type, quantity, brand/model, color, sales price of the products are as selected and verified by the
BUYER from the SELLER’s product range.
Payment terms: Sent in cash to bank account or credit card.
Based on the fact that deferred sales can only be made with bank credit cards, the BUYER accepts, declares and
undertakes that he will separately confirm the information regarding interest rates and late payment interest with
the bank and that there is a provision in this regard. Interest payments and late payment interests will be applied in
accordance with the credit card agreement between the Bank and the BUYER. In installment transactions, the
provisions of the contract concluded between the BUYER and the bank issuing the relevant card will apply.
Payment dates for the credit card will also be determined in accordance with the agreement between the bank and
the BUYER. BUYER has the right to follow the number of installments and payments from the account statement
sent by the bank.
Delivery address: The address specified by the BUYER.
The product(s) will be delivered to the address specified by the BUYER during the payment process on
the SELLER’s website. Even if the BUYER is not present at the delivery time, the SELLER will be
deemed to have fully and completely fulfilled its obligations under this contract. For this reason, any
losses and damages arising from late receipt of the product by the BUYER, delays caused by the cargo
company and/or returning the product to the SELLER will be entirely borne by the BUYER.
Delivering party: Selected cargo company. Invoice address: The address specified by the BUYER. Shipping
Fee: Shipping fee is paid by the SELLER. For international shipments, additional shipping costs calculated
according to the destination country will be displayed during the check-out process.
4.1. All sales are made to people over the age of 18. Persons under the age of 18 must have their parent or
guardian attend.
4.2. BUYER accepts that he is informed about the basic features of the product, sales price and payment terms
and confirms it electronically.
4.3. The product subject to the contract will be delivered to the BUYER or the specified person/company within the
requested period under general conditions, not exceeding 30 days, depending on the location of the BUYER.
4.4. If the delivery is sent to a third party other than the BUYER, the SELLER is not responsible for the delivery not
being accepted.
4.5. SELLER is responsible for delivering the product in question undamaged, complete and as specified in the
4.6. For the delivery of the product, this contract must be accepted electronically by the BUYER and payment
must be made as chosen by the BUYER. SELLER is not responsible for delivery if payment is not made or
canceled in bank records.
4.7. If, after the delivery of the product, the BUYER’s credit card is used unlawfully by third parties without the
BUYER’s knowledge and therefore the bank refuses to pay the SELLER, the BUYER must return the goods to the
SELLER within three days. In this case, all shipping costs belong to the BUYER.
4.8. If the SELLER cannot deliver the product within the specified time due to extraordinary circumstances that
prevent delivery such as natural disasters and weather conditions, it must notify the BUYER of this situation. In
this case, the BUYER has the right to cancel the order, change the product and/or postpone the delivery until the
extraordinary situation disappears. If the BUYER cancels the order, the shopping amount will be paid in cash and
in full within 10 days.
4.9. This contract becomes valid after the BUYER ticks the “I have read the contract, I accept the terms” box.
If the BUYER does not make any payment regarding the transactions made with his credit card, he will pay the
interest amount and be responsible to the bank in accordance with the credit card agreement concluded between
himself and the bank. In this case, the Bank may take legal action; may request the refund of all legal expenses
and attorney fees from the BUYER, and the BUYER agrees to pay any loss or damage that the SELLER may
suffer due to the BUYER’s delayed performance of its debt.
The BUYER may exercise his right to withdraw from the contract by rejecting the products within 14
(fourteen) days from the delivery of the product, without assuming any legal or criminal liability and
without giving any justification. The person/institution determined in distance sales contracts. In order to
exercise the right of withdrawal, the SELLER must be notified by registered mail, fax or e-mail within 14
(fourteen) days and the relevant product must not be used in accordance with the provisions of the
contract. article 6 here. If the right of withdrawal is exercised, it must be returned;
The SELLER delivers the total price and the documents constituting a commitment/debt to the BUYER to the
BUYER within 14 days after receiving the notice of withdrawal.
If the value of the Products decreases or it becomes impossible to return the Product due to any reason caused by
the BUYER, the BUYER will pay compensation to the SELLER in proportion to the default.
Consumer Arbitration Committees or Consumer Courts in the location of the SELLER or BUYER is authorised to
implement this contract. This contract becomes valid when the BUYER ticks the “I have read and approve the
contract” option.
SELLER: Moz Antique Bazaar LLC
BUYER: As given in the order
DATE: Order date